Arrival during the The Zack Area [ ]

Arrival during the The Zack Area [ ]

Honoka acquired an excellent raffle (though it is actually intended one to Zack is doing work in the woman win, just like the she says you to she accepted the guy who gave this lady this new profitable pass toward island of somewhere), and although unwilling on account of it definition making the girl grandma at the rear of, she at some point decided to go to new area for two weeks.

To the last date, she talked together with her “friend”, Mr. Moo, about how precisely she had multiple firsts throughout the girl trips and indicated need for delivering several other excursion, before making sure to give thanks to the master for their hospitality during their time to the isle.

The fresh 6th Event [ ]

For this reason Helena purchases Marie Flower to guard Honoka. Ayane, also, belongs to keep an eye on her. Shortly after Marie Flower and Honoka meet, he is assaulted by a beneficial pterodactyl during the Destroyed Paradise. Marie Rose dodges brand new attack, impressing Honoka sufficient for her to determine to possess a casual fight with the lady. Whether or not Honoka was beaten, this woman is able to backup Marie Rose’s dodging movements, with Ayane watching in the length.

She later suits Eliot when he try reading his browse away from their learn, Gen Fu. She are curious sufficient to strive to see clearly however, try stopped by Marie Flower for being as well next to Eliot. She pressures him to help you a combat and you will uses their master’s position, but it is not familiar whom acquired the battle. She later on encounters Leifang and you will after acknowledging this lady design since the taiji quan, pressures this lady so you can a battle. Leifang makes reference to Honoka because “an enthusiastic airhead” but battles the woman on account of the girl attraction of Honoka. Honoka gains the fight.

Honoka later discovers this new runner up for the 5th competition, Hitomi, going to teach on the most recent competition, and you can even after Marie Rose trying to avoid this lady regarding butting-in on her knowledge, demands that they spar because she preparations toward entering the contest too. Hitomi welcomes, in the event she can make clear she wouldn’t hold back. Hitomi wins this new find, in the event Honoka was nonetheless fulfilled and you may politely thank-you the woman from the bowing and you will vowing to apply more difficult.

Because of her parallels to Raidou, Honoka was wished by MIST to do Raidou’s revival

She afterwards observe Bass and you can Tina struggle and also attempts to mimic the latter. Upon Tina conquering their dad, she sees Honoka and you can attracts the woman up having a circular, having Honoka excitedly acknowledging. Tina bests Honoka inside battle and you can Honoka feedback for the Tina’s fuel. Tina offers the woman other meets afterwards ahead of continued so you can endeavor their dad. Unbeknownst to everyone, not, Ayane and you may Hayate observe that it in the rafters, consequently they are shocked at Honoka’s capability to very well duplicate almost every other competitors, and that they usually have merely viewed immediately after in advance of.

Ayane then ambushes Honoka and you may continues to combat the girl. Marie Flower scolds Ayane to possess harming Honoka, but Ayane just understands you to her abilities was in fact exactly what she thought. Later, Honoka brought Marie Flower so you’re able to a confectionary store and you can implied one an excellent ninja commonly frequented truth be told there just before admitting she got kidding. Unbeknownst so you’re able to the woman, but not, said ninja, Kasumi, is introduce along with overheard her or him. Ayane afterwards ambushes them again, likely to take Honoka for the child custody, that is obligated to battle Marie Rose. Regrettably, after Ayane beaten Marie Flower, one another know that Honoka might have been abducted of the Christie throughout their challenge.

Resisting Christie, Honoka vacations their ties and you may claims she getting let totally free. Shortly after a difficult challenge, Christie, is able to subdue their. The woman is upcoming placed in the computer close to Raidou. Although not, not her vitality is actually adequate to restore Raidou, pressuring NiCO to obtain Raidou’s almost every other youngsters, Ayane. Christie next uses Honoka’s confiscated cell-mobile to deliver a text to help you Marie Rose (which tried getting in touch with her several times regarding panic), once you understand complete really you to Ayane is within the exact same vicinity.

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